Carnarvon Basin

MapThe Carnarvon Basin one of the premier petroleum production areas in Australia with over 50 oil and gas fields currently in production and more than 20 under development or appraisal, including several giant gas fields from which liquified natural gas is exported from land based terminals.

Energetica currently has 100% interests in 3 exploration permits in the onshore, shallow waters and mid-depth waters (i.e., less than 200metres) of the Carnarvon Basin . All are in the early stages of exploration with seismic surveys currently planned for late 2011 or early 2012. Several proven producing oil and gas plays are being chased in the acreage which is adjacent to highly productive oil and gas fields. We have lodged applications during competitive bid rounds for a further 2 exploration permits throughout the basin.

Energetica is expanding this this high potential acreage position and are working towards developing plays, leads and prospects into drillable prospects.


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