Surat Basin

MapTHe Surat Basin in south eastern Queensland is a proligic gas producing basin. Both conventional gas, coal seam gas and , recently, shale gas, are the main targets in hte basin. THe Surat basin contains Australia's first commercial oilfield, which is still in production today.

Energetica Resources has interests in 4 Authority to Prospect areas for coal seam gas, shale gas and conventional petroleum in the Surat Basin. we currently operate the conventional exploration programme in ATP 837 where our interest is reducing to 25% of the conventional rights after Kea Petroleum plc completes a farmin on the acreage. TRUenergy operates the coal seam gas project in ATP 837 where coal seam gas resource has been estimated by our recent drilling. Energetica has a 7.5% interest in this coal seam gas project.

In ATP 893 there is a potentially large coal seam gas resource yet to be assessed by drilling and a potentially very large shale gas resource within the Triassic and Permian aged shales that are present within the ATP. Energetica Resources has a 25% interest in this project. Energetica has recently completed a large mapping project in this area to focus on progressing shale gas exploration.

ATP 901, where Energetica has a 25% interest, has considerable potential for conventional oil exploration as well as potential for coal seam gas exploration.

Energetica is is currently in the process of finalising a farmout of its 15% interest in ATP 873.


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